Background/ project requirements::

The Police Administration Office Saxony in Dresden, like the currently 5 police directorates, with headquarters in Chemnitz, Dresden, Görlitz, Leipzig and Zwickau, the Presidium of the Riot Police in Leipzig, and the Saxon Police University in Rothenburg, is assigned to the State Police Presidium Saxony. In the course of the last changes in the administrative organisation since 2005, all command and control centres of the police headquarters have been and are being successively redesigned and equipped. Since this time, Knürr GmbH (Knürr Consoles – Control Room Infrastructure) has been a reliable and innovative partner of the Saxon police and has played a decisive role in the redesign and equipping of the police headquarters and numerous police stations.

In order to prepare and implement the EU-China Summit, which was originally scheduled for September 2020 in Leipzig, the reorganisation and redesign of the large command staff of the Leipzig Police Headquarters was initiated. The core of the new unit is the so-called BAO room (BAO = Special Organisational Structure) in which up to 54 police officers coordinate complex security situations. On 29 July 2019, the planning and construction contract was awarded by the Saxon State Ministry of Finance. The completed premises were handed over to the President of the Leipzig Police Headquarters on time on 17 July 2020.

  • Knürr Consoles - Kontrollraum

With long term experience in mission critical Control Room environment, the Knürr workplace experts design tailor made solutions, perfect fitting for public authorities and organizations with security duties like police, firefighter, disaster control, rescue service and civil defense.

Main reasons for choosing Knürr:

Knürr worked closely with the user to provide them with planning and design proposals, both technical and ergonomic. Detailed technical coordination was carried out with various planning and engineering offices in order to make optimum use of the very tight time frame for project implementation.

All technical, ergonomic and design requirements for the workstations were checked in advance with the factory acceptance of a sample table and confirmed by the client.

A striking detail of the BAO workstations are the retractable 43″ curved monitors, equipped with shelves for keyboard and mouse and with an automatically closing cover. The greatest challenge was the optimal installation of media technology and technical interfaces in the workstations, as space is very limited both in the room and in the workstations themselves. In order to keep the subsequent time and installation effort on site as low as possible, the workstations were delivered pre-assembled and wired ex works.

The design of the sophisticated Videowall enclosure was carried out in permanent contact with the architect and has been excellently realised despite the special structural features of the room.

Thorough and meticulous preparation, the technical and design solution perfectly tailored to the customer and the usual excellent quality of Knürr Consoles workstations were decisive factors in the decision of the Police Administration Office to also implement this project together with Knürr Consoles.

Knürr is regarded worldwide as a competent partner for integrated control room solutions and mobile equipment carriers. The ergonomically well thought-out products are used internationally and convince in the most demanding 24-hour operation in control rooms, control rooms and control centres.

Customer/End Use: Police Administration Office Saxony
Location: Leipzig Police Headquarters
Industry: BOS Security