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Background/ project requirements:

The existing premises at the Lüdenscheid fire and rescue station no longer meet the requirements of a modern control centre in terms of size and substance. The Märkischer Kreis Fire Protection and Rescue Service Centre (BRZ MK) is being built as part of a completely new construction project. The new control centre will also be installed in this building.

The engineering office IDH-consult was commissioned with the planning and preparation of a bill of quantities, among other things for the technical furnishing. The high demands on an innovative solution, both technically and optically, which is also tailored to the customer’s requirements, were fulfilled and proved during a prototype presentation.

With over 30 years of experience in the area of mission-critical control centre equipment, Knürr’s workstation experts plan, design and manufacture individually tailored BOS work areas for fire brigades, rescue services, disaster control, civil defence, police and also for industrial security areas.

Main reasons for choosing Knürr Consoles:

Compliance with the technical tender specifications was a mandatory requirement for the price evaluation of the bid. The solution we offered stood out from the competitive solution due to its better price/performance ratio. In addition, the prototype presentation was able to convince both by its outstanding stability and its very attractive design in a round construction. A live virtual reality presentation also gave the customer a realistic feeling of the finished moulding. In addition to the control centre tables, the scope of supply also includes lighting, 24/7 chairs, surrounding furniture, loudspeaker boxes and automatic power switches as well as socket strips.

Worldwide, Knürr with its Knürr® Consoles brand solutions is considered a competent partner for integrated control room solutions. The ergonomically designed technical workstations are used internationally and are convincing in the most demanding 24/7 areas such as public control centres and industrial control rooms.

Customer/End Use: Märkischer Kreis
Location: Fire protection and rescue service centre (BRZ) in Lüdenscheid
Industry: Authorities and organisations with security tasks (BOS)
Product: Control centre workplaces and surrounding furniture

Watch the reference video (BRZ) on our Knürr Youtube channel: Click here!