Background/ project requirements:

Hessen Mobil – Road and Traffic Management is an upper administrative authority of the state of Hessen and is in charge of the federal highways, state roads and most of the district roads in Hessen. The headquarters of Hessen Mobil in the Wilhelmstraße in Wiesbaden. Its tasks include the planning and construction of new roads and engineering structures, maintenance of the existing road network and influencing traffic. Hessen Mobil is also responsible for the public transport funding of the State of Hessen and the funding of municipal road construction in accordance with the Municipal Transport Financing Act. Hessen Mobil is subordinate to the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development. The Knürr consoles are part of the traffic monitoring center, the hub of the traffic Among other things, the signs such as speed limits are switched on motorways and tunnels, and the hard shoulder is monitored.

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With many years of experience in the area of mission-critical control station equipment, Knürr workstation experts design perfectly adapted BOS workstations for fire brigades, rescue services, disaster control, civil defense, police, and also for the private security sector.

Main reasons for choosing Knürr:

Knürr is regarded worldwide as a competent partner for integrated control room solutions and mobile equipment carriers. The ergonomically designed products are in use internationally and convince with the most demanding 24-hour operation in control rooms, control rooms and control centres. The main reasons for the decision were, on the one hand, the perfectly customized solution and, on the other, the quality of Knürr consoles:

The Knürr ErgoCon® sitting/standing workstation creates modern, ergonomic control station tables for high loads and a large number of monitors.

The demands on visualization require more and more monitors at the workplace. With Knürr ErgoCon® the user always maintains an overview, in order to optimally fulfil his monitoring and control tasks. The electrical height and depth adjustability of the monitors enables an optimum tilt angle and ergonomic field of view for the user.

Quick access to the technology used, such as KVM, PDUs and computers, is provided by the easily accessible bases and equipment holders under the table top. Cabling runs invisibly along the monitor rails into the base units, side panels or via cable chains to the intermediate shelf. The latest lifting mechanism ensures that the ergonomically shaped table top can be raised and lowered smoothly and quietly.

The overall Knürr ErgoCon® concept is a significant factor for fatigue-free working in shift operation. A large unisee wall and extensive accessories round off the Knürr solution: Pendant lights with radio, racks, PDUs and surrounding furniture.

Customer/End User: HessenMobil
Location: Frankfurt am Main
Industry: Road Traffic