Background/ project requirements:

The Securitas Operation Center acts as an interface for all security services provided by Securitas and offers rapid assistance in the event of an alarm, changes to alarm plans and technical questions. The EN-certified Securitas Operation Center combines state-of-the-art technology with professional know-how. In the Securitas Operation Center, two to four employees work around the clock 365 days a year at ultra-modern workplaces. Access locks and bullet-proof windows and doors provide the necessary security. The entire IT infrastructure is doubled and thus virtually failsafe. In crisis situations, the Operation Center can continue to work autonomously for days on end because it is gas-secured, has a disconnection from the air conditioning system and, of course, an emergency power supply. A direct TUS connection with the operation control centre of the Federal Police Headquarters in Vienna is a matter of course.

  • höhenverstellbarer Knürr Ergocon Leitstellentisch

With long term experience in mission critical Control Room environment, the Knürr workplace experts design tailor made solutions, perfect fitting for public authorities and organizations with security duties like police, firefighter, disaster control, rescue service and civil defense.

Main reasons for choosing Knürr:

Knürr’s ergonomically well thought-out products with its Knürr Room Infrastructure solutions are used internationally and are convincing in the most demanding 24-hour operation in control rooms and control stations.

Advantages of the electrically height-adjustable Knürr ErgoCon®:

The Knürr ErgoCon® sitting/standing workstation creates modern, ergonomic control station tables for high loads and a large number of monitors.

The demands on visualization require more and more monitors at the workplace. With Knürr ErgoCon® the user always maintains an overview, in order to optimally fulfil his monitoring and control tasks. The electrical height and depth adjustability of the monitors enables an optimum tilt angle and ergonomic field of view for the user.

Quick access to the technology used, such as KVM, PDUs and computers, is provided by the easily accessible bases and equipment holders under the table top. Cabling runs invisibly along the monitor rails into the base units, side panels or via cable chains to the intermediate shelf. The latest lifting mechanism ensures that the ergonomically shaped table top can be raised and lowered smoothly and quietly.

The overall Knürr ErgoCon® concept is a significant factor for fatigue-free working in shift operation.

Customer/End User: Securitas Operation Center (SOC) 24/7
Location: Vienna, Austria
Industry: Security, Surveillance Market

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