To make it easier for you to put together the control room technology, we offer you a portfolio of the most varied solutions, matched to your application and your budget. Likewise, with our Knürr CEC, we offer you to improve the energy efficiency in the control room and at the same time avoid downtimes. In this way, you always retain control and an overview.


Knürr CEC – Console Environment Control
For maximum reliability and control of your
24/7 equipment in the console.

Whether in the emergency call centre, in the industrial control room or in the surveillance control room, high-availability technology is in use everywhere around the clock. The investments for this are considerable, and every component from the power supply to the image output device is crucial for the availability of the systems. Protect your IT investments with Knürr® Console Environment Control (CEC) and always maintain control and an overview.

  • Maintain a complete overview in the network of devices
  • Power supply and distribution in the console

  • Remote monitoring and management and automatic notification

  • Improve energy efficiency in the control room and avoid downtime

  • Immediate notification if the user-defined limit values (current, temperature) are exceeded

You can find more information here: Knürr CEC brochure

Control centre console with CEC unit for remote monitoring and management
Control centre console with CEC unit for remote monitoring and management

Knürr CEC – Console Environment Control, Temperature sensor, Analog-to-Digital Converter, Door position, Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point/Airflow


Highest Efficiency through Newest Methods, Procedures and Equipment. Knürr products are available in large or small quantities, but always with the same degree of quality, flexibility and cost savings.

Knürr did an outstanding job with the project: Consoles for the Santa Maria Oceanic Control Center. Should the need arise again we will definitely consider them as our first choice.

NAV Portugal, E.P.E.

Thanks to Knürr Consoles, we have workplaces that provide our employees with every conceivable comfort.

Fraport AG

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