As a safety-critical area of a company or organization, the control room or control center not only places special demands on the high availability of IT hardware and software, but also on the mission control desks.


Ergonomics in the control room is the prerequisite for an optimal and trouble-free human-machine interface. The users, their demanding activities and the integration of technology are of central importance with individually adjustable control room furniture.

In security control centers in particular, control center desks and furniture are subject to intensive continuous stress due to shift operation. These requirements also apply to industrial control rooms where additional stress is caused by vibration and contamination.

A number of guidelines, standards and guides provide recommendations for the ergonomic design of control rooms. It should be noted, however, that these should only be understood as a guide and that individual and system ergonomics are of decisive importance.

Ergonomics as a “performance factor” in control rooms thus not only ensures compliance with occupational health and safety legislation, but also demonstrably supports the economic efficiency of organisations.

Against this background, the investment in professional equipment for control centres and control rooms is relativised by an assumed average service life of 15 years. It is important to take a comprehensive view of the control room work tasks and areas in order to minimize interface risks and achieve optimum performance.

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Knürr consoles - control room functional areas

A solution which considers all functional areas: Engineering and server room, Crisis room, Coordination room, Shift header console, Visualization system, Large screen wall, Monitoring station, Monitor wall, Videowall, Monitoring systems, Operator control consoles, Operation control center,  Supervisor workspace

Knürr Ergocon -The ultimate 24/7 mission critical console

Knürr Cicon – Function and form combined

Knürr Consoles – Barco Unisee monitor wall


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