24.10.2023 _

A complete success at the vocational information fair Arnstorf. Students from the 9th grade of the Staatliche Realschule Arnstorf and the 8th grade of the Closen-Mittelschule Arnstorf and the Mittelschule Eichendorf were invited to talk to regional companies.

At our Knürr Consoles stand, Maria, Katrin, Leonie and Florian were on hand to answer questions and provide an uncomplicated exchange for the pupils.

They were supported by our managing director Tim Holzapfel.

This gave the participants an insight into our daily work and allowed them to immerse themselves in our control room world for the first time through our Knürr image video.

By scanning a QR code on their mobile phones, the visitors were able to experience a virtual tour of our showroom.

We had prepared small metal models to experiment with in order to playfully show a first handling of the materials.

Our #KnürrConsoles team had a lot of fun and we are looking forward to welcoming new trainees to our team soon!

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