Knürr Consoles visiting the ISE 2023 in Barcelona

#KnürrConsoles at ISE 2023 in Barcelona #ISE2023 #ISEBarcelonaAt ISE 2023 we had interesting days full of new impressions. We took the opportunity to maintain and expand networks and visited our cooperation partners. During a tour of the trade fair, we found out about the latest technical innovations and trends. #Innovation. In addition, we attended the [...]

Knürr Consoles product training

Last week our sales team went to our production plant in Arnstorf for intensive training.Together we spent two days full of new impulses, professional exchange and news. Everything to do with KVM systems, Virtual KVM, 'fanless' technology, screen control, directional sound/soundshower and tips & tricks for professional cabling on the various Knürr consoles were on [...]

Integrated control centre Bodensee-Oberschwaben

Knürr supplies state-of-the-art control centre workstations to the Deutsche Rote Kreuz in Ravensburg.Knürr control centre desks for dispatching and emergency call acceptance have been in use at the integrated control centre Bodensee-Oberschwaben since December 2022.Tim Holzapfel was allowed to be there live for a day and look behind the scenes of the completely newly equipped [...]

Always on the right Wavelength with Directional Speakers

Directional sound, one of the most interesting technologies of recent years is also finding its application in the control room. What is Directional Sound? Directional sound refers to the technology of using various devices to create sound fields that propagate less than most conventional speakers. Ultimately, the choice of a directional speaker depends on the [...]

Knürr Consoles expands the customer Experience Center

We start the new year with exciting news! We are expanding the Customer Experience Center in Arnstorf! WHAT’S NEW? – The 3x2 Barco UniSee Videowall with Knürr Elicon® VideoWall-Structure – HighEnd 55“-Displays in combination with our individually adjustable and free-standing video wall structure. Visit Arnstorf and convince yourself of the latest technologies and individual [...]

Important visitor at Knürr Arnstorf

KnürrConsoles In December, Ibitek France, our partner for projects in Africa and the Middle East, visited our Customer Experience Center in Arnstorf. Together we worked on current projects and set the course for a continued very successful cooperation!You want to know more about Ibitek France? #CustomerCase #IbitekFrance

Diversity at Knürr – Women in Mint Professions

Diversity at KnürrConsolesTechnology is not necessarily male! Our society is increasingly shaped by technology. In both private and professional contexts, the need for understanding technology and especially IT skills is rapidly increasing. The end users of this everyday example are female, diverse or male - so how come the majority of developers of such and [...]

Knürr Elicon VC-E

The revision of the Elicon VC-E now also enables our customers to have a technology substructure for even better cabling options to achieve ergonomic and efficient workstations. The modular design allows a wide range of configurations and guarantees maximum flexibility for any type of room conditions. The table combinations can be subsequently supplemented or modified [...]

10 features that qualify a 24/7 control desk!

At first glance, control station desks from different manufacturers often look very similar. However, there are some quality, material and performance criteria that you should check before investing in a control station workstation - we have summarized them in 10 points. Here are our 10 characteristics of a 24/7 control station desk:1. the manufacturer confirms [...]

Knürr Ergocontrol

Ergonomics as a productivity and well-being factor! In conjunction with the Knürr Ergocontrol, we offer each user individual setting options. Up to 1000 different users can log on using our software and save their personal settings for the sitting position, standing position and monitor viewing distance in the Knürr Ergocontrol system. This free-seating concept guarantees [...]

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