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The topic of sustainable product development / ecological product development is a top priority at KnürrConsoles.

In addition to our ISO 14001 certification, we also strive to constantly reduce our environmental impact through preventive measures.

These requirements apply to the entire product life cycle – Life Cycle Thinking.

Specifically, we deal with these topics at KnürrConsoles, among others:

– Constantly increasing the proportion of recycled materials in our products.

– Only using materials with good recycling properties (e.g. no solid core boards)

– The use of plastic foils is reduced to a necessary minimum.

– Generally keep the material mix in products as low as possible

– Exclusive use of FSC certified woods

– Stand-by power consumption: Our height adjustment control boxes have the lowest stand-by power consumption in the industry

– Process policy: we use powder coating instead of wet paint

– Working with a strong local supplier network and continuously expanding our own production for even greater vertical integration

– Using wooden pallets and flat pack cardboard boxes for efficient and environmentally friendly packaging

– The workstations are shipped in a modular design to allow easy handling by the shipping company

What else would you like to add to our list?

Do you have any questions on this topic? We would be happy to advise you in detail.”

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