Knürr supplies state-of-the-art control centre workstations to the Deutsche Rote Kreuz in Ravensburg.

Knürr control centre desks for dispatching and emergency call acceptance have been in use at the integrated control centre Bodensee-Oberschwaben since December 2022.

Tim Holzapfel was allowed to be there live for a day and look behind the scenes of the completely newly equipped control centre.

“The work of the staff in the control centre deserves the highest respect. Receiving and coordinating emergency calls for fire and rescue services is very demanding and comes with great responsibility. We are proud to have played our part in supporting the control centre staff. At the same time, we hope that the job description will attract and inspire more junior staff by providing an ergonomically and technically innovative working environment.”

Thank you very much for these interesting and instructive insights and we wish you all the best and continued success!

Click here for impressions from the control centre, which will be ready for us 24/7 in new premises from December.


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