11 employees appointed as company first aiders at Knürr Consoles

On the last two Friday afternoons, 11 employees were trained as first aiders at Knürr Consoles. A volunteer member of the German Red Cross Rottal Inn took over this task in our company and trained the colleagues in, among other things

  • the first aid of the injured after an accident at work,
  • alerting the rescue service,
  • the passing on of relevant information to the rescue service, and
  • the regular testing of first aid equipment.

We would like to thank our colleagues for their commitment and willingness to take on the tasks of first aiders in the company:

From left: Matthias Weber, Felix Ebner, Alexander Nigl, Tim Holzapfel, Rudolf Kreileder, Josef Mühlbauer, Martina Eberl, Josef Harlander, des Weiteren: Amadeus Herbst, Bachmeier Patrick und Baier Florian