At first glance, control station desks from different manufacturers often look very similar. However, there are some quality, material and performance criteria that you should check before investing in a control station workstation – we have summarized them in 10 points.

Here are our 10 characteristics of a 24/7 control station desk:

1. the manufacturer confirms by means of an EC declaration of conformity that all relevant standards and directives have been tested (e.g. ISO 11046 Ergonomic Design of Control Centers).

2. the components and materials used are suitable for 24/7 industrial use and wear parts can be replaced during operation.

3. comprehensive operating instructions as well as an electrical circuit diagram of the control station table are included in the scope of delivery.

4. the design data of the control station table is documented to better plan future expansions and adaptations.

5. the individual ergonomic settings of the control station tables in the control room can be called up directly from any workstation.

6. the area for technology integration at the workstation is optimally passively ventilated to avoid additional noise pollution from fans.

7. the cable routing within the control station table takes into account the minimum bending radii of the signal cables and sufficient space for future expansions.

8. the operator has been trained in the use of the workstation and a protocol has been drawn up for documentation purposes.

9. the manufacturer is certified according to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management to ensure the basic suitability as a supplier.

10. the manufacturer confirms his technical suitability by reference projects in comparable fields of application.

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