The novel material for table top surfaces is super matt, leaves no fingerprints and feels haptic very warm and soft. Thanks to a new generation of thermoplastic resins, the new surface provides a particularly soft feel. The irregular surface topography has consequently a very low light reflectivity (a surface specular reflectance of 1.5 at 60°) and thus creates a perfect environment for the operator of a control room. Due to the use of nanotechnology no fingerprints are left behind.

  • Knürr Consoles Oberflächen
  • Knürr Consoles Oberflächen

Knürr offers intelligent materials with the new Nano surface for the professional 24/7 monitoring stations – and control room design.

In addition, the new surfaces are very resistant to scratching, abrasion and scrub-resistant. They have antibacterial properties, whereby the surface is hygienic and easy to clean.

Worktop material properties:

– Low light reflectance, according to EU regulations
– No fingerprints, extremely matt surface, antistatic
– High resistance to acid solvents and household reagents
– Micro-Scratches can easily be removed by thermal treatment, extremely high abrasion resistance

– Resistance to scratches and abrasion
– Resistance to dry heat

– Lightfast, excellent colour depth, long-lasting new appearance

The selection of decors includes timeless and classic colors that take their inspiration from nature.