Knürr® Cicon is specially developed for applications with circular console installation. Flexible configurations provide optimum integration options in the control room while taking all required parameters into account.

The large-volume and passively ventilated console base leaves nothing to be desired in terms of technology integration. The various options for monitor installation always guarantee optimum viewing angles, both at the console and on the large screen wall.

Knürr Consoles Cicon, Leitstellen Bild

Complex technology integration with maximum functionality. The product philosophy of Knürr® Consoles. Investment security through long service life and flexible retrofitting.

For even more flexibility: The Knürr Cicon console can be linked to the Knürr Dacobas Advanced console at any time. This enables individual workstation arrangements to be configured, depending on the application and available space.

Ergonomics and technology:
– Continuous or offset monitor level
– Silent passive ventilation
– Maximum stability
– Various investment depths
– Integrated technology base
– Maintenance-friendly cable management
– Conforms to standards
– Flatpack for low freight volume
– Quick and easy to install
– Future-proof due to modular construction

You can find more information in our new Cicon brochure!