Diversity at KnürrConsoles

Technology is not necessarily male!

Our society is increasingly shaped by technology. In both private and professional contexts, the need for understanding technology and especially IT skills is rapidly increasing. The end users of this everyday example are female, diverse or male – so how come the majority of developers of such and other tech systems seem to be predominantly male? The need for quotas for women in companies is controversial. While the percentage of women in STEM professions nationwide has steadily increased by 16% between 2013 and 2018, it is significantly lower than that of men. Scholarships for women in STEM subjects, women’s network initiatives and Girls’ Days are just some of the many sensible measures to create balance and unlock potential.

But the question is rather why we need to have these discussions at all. Everyone should choose a technical profession according to their individual interests and talents – regardless of whether they are female, diverse or male.

At KnürrConsoles, we make no distinction between female, male or diverse and welcome anyone and everyone who wants to become part of the KnürrTeam.”

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