Particularly in dynamic and unpredictable economic times, questions are increasingly being asked about the need for new or replacement investment. The financing of an extensive acquisition requires a corresponding ability to service the capital, which again is based on assumptions of future earnings. Put more simply, the higher the investment and economic uncertainty, the more difficult it is to make decisions on capital expenditure.

While cost reduction and liquidity protection are of particular importance in these times of crisis, certain investments are necessary to create competitive advantages in the future (post crisis). Leasing and financing concepts are a convenient way to divide one-off investments into predictable monthly instalments. However, the uncertainty of sudden maintenance and repair costs remains after warranty and guarantee periods have expired. In this context, service contracts offer the advantage of making these unexpected costs plannable. While “full-care” service contracts are common for production machines, company vehicles or laptops, manufacturers and suppliers in other industries are increasingly offering this possibility of cost control.

So why not make the next control room investment with more planning reliability and less worry? Not only to consider the one-time costs of the purchased products/services, but rather the total costs of ownership. This, taking into account the respective depreciation period, offers an attractive package of solutions for cost optimization while simultaneously reducing the financial risk. So how far away are we from “control room as a service”?

We would be happy to discuss this with you and draw up an individual service and maintenance offer for your control room equipment. Please contact us!