Directional sound, one of the most interesting technologies of recent years is also finding its application in the control room.

What is Directional Sound?

Directional sound refers to the technology of using various devices to create sound fields that propagate less than most conventional speakers. Ultimately, the choice of a directional speaker depends on the environment in which it will be used, as well as the content that will be reproduced. Consideration of these factors leads to the best results with directional sound technologies.

Directional speakers are used where tone is desired targeted to one listening position without sounding over the entire listening area. Directional speakers have a strong directional characteristic over the entire frequency range and are designed for targeted sound reinforcement in defined listening zones and rooms with high reverberation time. They provide excellent speech intelligibility and low feedback tendency during microphone operation. Personal working environments can thus be optimally coordinated. Especially in open spaces where several people work together, audio signals can be focused on individual workstations.

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